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DNA Privacy in Recent News

The laws regarding DNA collection and privacy vary from state to state, with California leading the way with its Genetic Information Privacy Act, which seeks to protect individuals from the unauthorized use of their genetic information and ensure that genetic information is not collected, stored, or disclosed without the individual’s authorization. At the Supreme Court…


Forensics Proved Florida Man’s Innocence After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned for Nine Years

According to Hillsborough County Circuit Court, Case #02-CF-15542, and Florida Dept of Law Enforcement, Case # 20030300771, on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, the Florida State Attorney’s Office for the 13th Judicial Circuit dropped all charges against Cheydrick Britt related to a 2002 sexual battery charge based on new DNA test results conducted by the Forensics…


DNA Paternity Tests: Is the Quality Different Between a Legal and Non-Legal Paternity Test?

Knowing the paternity of a child is essential not only for financial reasons, but also for emotional well-being. No matter what the outcome of a paternity test may be, it is important to explore your options if you have doubt as to who the child’s biological father might be. As important as this test is,…