DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) Announces the Launch of Peekaboo Click

Apr 24, 2023 | DDC News, Peekaboo, Press Releases

FAIRFIELD, OH – DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), a global leader in genetic relationship and consumer testing, and part of the Eurofins network of companies, today announces the launch of PeekabooTM Click, the latest addition to its Peekaboo Early Gender DNA Test product family.

The PeekabooTM test enables expecting parents to discover their baby’s gender very early in pregnancy with 99.5% accuracy from a simple blood sample from the mother1. PeekabooTM Click will make obtaining a test sample more convenient and accessible for expectant mothers, utilizing a virtually pain-free at-home collection device that collects capillary blood from the mother’s arm as early as six weeks into pregnancy. Customers then send the sample back to DDC’s laboratory, where it is analyzed and accurate results are returned to the customer as soon as the same day.

Like the original PeekabooTM Early Gender DNA Test, PeekabooTM Click delivers results with exceptional accuracy and convenience by using PCR technology to detect the presence of Y chromosomes from cell-free fetal DNA isolated from a self-collected maternal blood sample.

“DNA Diagnostics Center continues to be at the forefront of innovation and quality in consumer genetic testing, with its highly accredited laboratory services and excellent customer care,” said Mike Sheaffer, Founder of the American Pregnancy Association. “We are excited that PeekabooTM Click will offer pregnant women an even more comfortable and simple solution to determine the gender of their baby at home.

PeekabooTM Click was designed with expecting mothers’ experience in mind, as a more convenient, reliable and comfortable alternative to traditional fingerstick blood collection. Women simply stick the device on their upper arm, click a button to activate a tiny needle, and wait for up to two minutes for blood to begin collecting directly into the device’s tube. PeekabooTM Click was designed to collect capillary blood from the upper arm, where the skin is much less sensitive. As the blood collection is almost entirely self-contained, there is minimal potential for contamination with other DNA.

In pilot consumer studies, many women noted that the device was either virtually or entirely pain-free. With PeekabooTM Click’s ease of use, comfort level, and low risk of DNA contamination, 77% of consumers said they would be willing to pay a premium for PeekabooTM Click over the standard fingerstick option.

PeekabooTM Click is now available for purchase on, and on Amazon. Customers can avail of the PeekabooTM Click Express service on, which includes overnight shipping to the customer, overnight shipping back to DDC’s US-based laboratory, and results delivered the same day that the sample arrives at the laboratory.

  1. 99.5% accuracy validated in a clinical study of 215 pregnant women between 7 and 39 weeks gestation with blood drawn from venipuncture. Data published on


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DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is a global leader in DNA testing and genetics and is committed to providing accurate and convenient DNA testing solutions. The company provides comprehensive consumer and legal DNA testing services for paternity and family relationships, fertility, lifestyle, veterinary, and forensics worldwide. DNA Diagnostics Center is part of the Eurofins network of companies.

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