Maternity DNA Test

To confirm the mother of a baby or child—for immigration, adoption, and more.

What is maternity DNA testing?

Maternity DNA testing determines whether the woman tested is the biological mother of the child tested. It works like a DNA paternity test, except this analysis compares a child’s DNA profile with their mother’s. Even if the father is not tested, DDC can prove conclusively whether the child’s DNA matches the mother.

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Most Common Reasons to take a Maternity DNA Test

Not sure when you would need a maternity test? There are several common reasons women choose to test maternity, including proof of maternity for immigration, to prove a relationship between an adoptee and a biological mother, and more.

  • Proving a maternal relationship for immigration
  • Resolving controversy that sometimes occurs in hospital nurseries
  • Life-long peace of mind after returning home from the hospital
  • Proving an adoptee’s relationship to a possible biological mother
  • Confirming accuracy in cases of in-vitro fertilization

Results are completely confidential, and your private genetic information is never shared with or sold to outside parties. See our privacy policy here.

Testing Options for Maternity DNA Testing There are two main options for doing a maternity test: legal or for personal knowledge. Legal: Legal test results can be submitted to immigration agencies or court as legal proof of maternity. DDC coordinates DNA-sample collection at a location near you. The professional collector then compiles all identification, completes paperwork for the test, and sends the package to DDC for testing. Personal Knowledge: If you need the maternity DNA test results solely for peace of mind and not for legal reasons, you have the option to collect your sample with an at-home maternity test kit and send it to DDC for testing. Keep in mind results are not court admissible. TIP: If you think you may need results for court in the future, we suggest you do a legal test first, so you only have to test once.

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More about this Test

Q: Can a maternity DNA test be used for immigration?
A: Yes, a maternity DNA test can be used for immigration to the United States. Once you have the necessary forms from UCIS, call us at 800.681.7162. A DDC immigration expert sets up a DNA-collection appointment for the petitioner in the United States at a convenient time and place. The embassy or consulate in the foreign country takes care of DNA collection for the beneficiary. Once testing is complete, DDC ships DNA-testing results directly to the requesting immigration office.


Q: How long does a maternity DNA test take?
A: Once all samples have been received at the lab, results for a maternity test are posted to a secure online account in just 2 business days. Next-day and same-day results are also available for an additional fee—call one of our experts at 800-681-7162 for requirements.


Q: Where is DNA collected for a maternity test?
A: When doing a home test for peace of mind and personal knowledge, you collect your own DNA at home, using the collection kit we send you. For legally-admissible testing, one of our specialists sets up a witnessed DNA-collection appointment on your behalf at an approved facility near you.
Q: Can we get DNA collected for a maternity test in different locations?
A: Yes, you can definitely get DNA collected in separate locations. We understand that not all test participants live in the same area, so one of our specialists will either (1) send DNA-collection materials to separate addresses for a home test or (2) make appointments on your behalf at separate DNA-collection facilities for a legal test.


Q: How does the at-home maternity test work exactly?
A: When taking a maternity test at home for personal reasons, the steps are simple:

  1. Order Your Maternity Test Online or By Phone: Get your at-home maternity kit by ordering online now or call us for a no obligation consultation at 1.800.681.7162.
  2. Collect Your DNA & Send to Our Lab: Collect your DNA testing sample with just a simple cheek swab. After you’re done, use the prepaid envelope included in your kit to submit your DNA, or choose to send it via first-class USPS or courier service.
  3. Sample Receiving, Processing & Review: Our lab technicians will carefully handle and prepare your DNA sample for processing. Every maternity test sample we receive is ran through two separate, independent teams for processing, and then the results are reviewed by our in-house team of PhDs.
  4. Receive Your Confidential Maternity Test Results Online: Once testing is complete, we will send an email notification; just log in to our secure website to view the results. Results are always completely confidential, and your private genetic information is never shared with or sold to outside parties. Keep in mind, this at-home test is NOT admissible in court.

See our privacy policy here.