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Do you want to confirm a relationship? Use a DNA relationship test to get the answers and peace of mind that you need. At DDC, we offer many types of relationship tests, allowing our customers to confirm biological relationships of all types. Unsure which relationship DNA test is best for your specific situation? Call our experts for a free consultation, our knowledgeable customer support representatives are ready to help!



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DNA Relationship Testing Options

Confirm a relationship even if a father is unavailable for testing, or confirm another relationship. Testing for both legal and personal knowledge (non-legal) purposes are available. Some potential reasons to explore DNA relationship testing include medical history, social security benefits, inheritance claims, and immigration cases. Call DDC for additional details.

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Maternity DNA Tests

Maternity DNA testing can confirm the biological relationship between a mother and child. Maternity DNA tests are typically utilized in situations involving immigration, and adoption.

Grandparent DNA Tests

If a potential father is unavailable for paternity testing, a grandparent DNA test can confirm a paternal relationship instead. One or both paternal grandparents can participate in this DNA test.

Sibling DNA Tests

When two people are trying to determine if they share the same father and the father is not available for paternity testing, a sibling DNA test is an effective alternative. This test determines whether two people are full siblings, half-siblings, or do not share a sibling relationship.

Twin DNA Tests

DDC’s twin zygosity DNA test analyzes samples provided by twin sets and determines whether the twins are identical or fraternal.

DNA Reconstruction

When the possible father is unavailable to provide a sample, this series of DNA tests can confirm family relationships by determining if a child is related to his close biological relatives.

Aunt/Uncle DNA Tests

If a potential father is unavailable for paternity testing, an avuncular (aunt/uncle) DNA test can confirm a paternal relationship instead. One or more paternal siblings can participate in this DNA test.

Male Lineage DNA Tests

A male lineage DNA test can determine whether a child is related to a possible father’s brother(s) and other male relatives who share a common paternal/male line.

Female Lineage DNA Tests

A female lineage DNA test can confirm relationships to long-lost relatives and ancestors through a common maternal/female line.

Native American DNA Tests

Trusted by indigenous communities throughout the US, our native american DNA test can provide proof of a biological relationship for applicants enrolling in tribal membership.

Infidelity DNA Tests

DNA infidelity testing is a science-based solution for finding out if someone may have been unfaithful. Using provided fabric, our test can confirm or deny the presence of male/female DNA.

Unsure Which Test You Need?

Give us a call, and we’ll help you determine which test is right for you. Our DNA experts can help you with complicated family situations.

Reliable DNA Relationship Testing Through DDC

When you choose DDC, a world leader in DNA testing, for your relationship testing needs, you can rely on the results. Our US-based laboratory holds the highest level of accreditations available, including AABB, CAP, and CLIA certifications. Each DNA test adheres to strict processes to ensure accuracy.


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How the Relationship DNA Testing Process Works

We make it easy by managing many aspects of the process for you and offering flexible options that meet your needs. Our customer support representatives are available to help you at any point in the process.

Step 1: Give Us a Call

To initiate the relationship testing process, call our experts for a no-obligation consultation. Our representatives can help you navigate your unique situation and determine which type of relationship test best suits your needs.

CALL NOW: 1.800.681.7162

Step 2: Collect the DNA Sample(s)

If you opt for an at-home relationship test, we’ll send a complete kit right to your doorstep in discreet packaging. Simply collect cheek swabs (or other allowable sample types) from both tested parties, and return the samples in the prepaid mailer. If you order a court-admissible relationship test, both tested parties can easily provide their DNA samples in-person at one of our 5000+ collection locations worldwide. Multiple appointments can be set up in different locations if necessary.

Step 3: Your Test is Carefully Processed

Our laboratory technicians carefully handle and prepare your DNA samples for processing. Every DDC relationship test that utilizes buccal (cheek) swab samples is run two separate times by independent teams. The results are then reviewed by our in-house team of PhDs and your report is prepared.

Step 4: Receive Your Results Online

Once testing is complete, we’ll send you an email. With your results email, you can simply log in to our secure website to view your results. Relationship test results are completely confidential, and your private genetic information is never shared with or sold to outside parties. See our privacy policy here.

We Are Your DNA Relationship Test Experts

For decades, customers have trusted us with over 20 million DNA tests. DDC performs thousands of relationship tests each year.

FAQs About DNA Relationship Tests

Below are some frequently asked questions about DNA relationship tests.

Where Can I Take My DNA Test?

Your DNA collection method will vary based on the type of test you need. Some relationship tests allow for samples to be collected at home, while others may require samples to be taken at one of our 5,000 testing locations.

Is a Mother's DNA Required for a Relationship Test?

Many relationship DNA tests can be completed without the mother’s DNA; however, we recommend including the mother’s DNA if possible to increase result conclusivity.


What Type of Samples Do You Use?

DNA is collected by test participants using cheek swabs (also called buccal swabs). Cheek swabbing is a quick and painless way to collect cheek cells containing DNA. This is not a saliva test.

How Do I Collect My DNA Sample with a Cheek Swab?

The buccal swab kit we send you contains complete instructions for collecting each test participant’s DNA safely and effectively. We provide multiple cheek swabs for each person, which you use to firmly swab the inside cheek. This typically collects more than enough DNA to run the test.


How Will I Receive My Results?

For security reasons, we do not send a copy of your results via email. Instead, a PDF report can be downloaded from your secure online account on our website. We immediately send a notification email to the address on file as soon as the online report is ready to view. If eligible to receive results, you may also request a hard copy of the report for an additional fee.

Can I Use My Test Results in Court?

If you want to use your test results for legal purposes (child support, custody, etc.) you will need to use a Legal DNA test that follows a strict chain-of-custody process and supervised DNA collection. Home test options are not eligible to be used for legal purposes.

Do You Offer Payment Plans for Your DNA Tests?

We offer payment plans for some of our testing options. Speak with a member of our compassionate, knowledgeable customer service team and discover testing options and payment plans that are best for your situation.

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