Relationship Testing

Confirm a biological relationship with one of our many DNA testing options.

Which test is right for you?

Do you want to confirm a relationship? Use DNA testing to get the answer you need and get rid of any doubts. At DDC, we provide many types of DNA tests to choose from for confirming biological relationships. If you’re not sure when test below is right for you, call us for a free consultation—our friendly and knowledgeable experts are ready to help!

Finding his Roots

After decades of wondering who he was and where he came from, our Sibling DNA Test changed one man’s life forever. This is his story.



Maternity DNA testing can confirm a maternal relationship for immigration, prove an adoptee’s relationship with their biological birth mother, and more.



If a possible father is not available for paternity testing, a grandparent DNA test can confirm a family relationship instead. One or both paternal grandparents can participate.


When two people are trying to determine if they share the same father and the father is not available for testing, a sibling DNA test is an effective alternative.


The twin zygosity test is a twin DNA test that analyzes a twin set so see whether the twins are identical or fraternal.


DNA Reconstruction

This series of family DNA tests confirms biological family relationships and is most often used to determine if a child is related to a possible father’s close relatives.


This avuncular DNA test is a good option when the father is not available for DNA testing, and the only relative available is a single sibling (brother or sister) of the father.

Male Lineage

A Y-STR comparison test is a male lineage test can tell you whether a child is related to the alleged father’s brother(s) and other male relatives who share a common paternal line.

Female Lineage

The mtDNA comparison test is a female lineage DNA test that can confirm your relationship to long-lost relatives and ancestors through the maternal/female line.

Native American

Trusted by tribes from coast to coast, we provide proof of biological relationship for applicants enrolling in tribal membership through this Native American DNA test. Services include parentage, family reconstruction, and male/female lineage testing. 



If you suspect your partner is cheating, our forensic-DNA team provides reliable answers with complete confidentiality through this infidelity test.