AABB-Accredited Immigration DNA Testing

DNA testing has become a cornerstone of the modern immigration process. Why? In many cases, paperwork alone isn’t enough to prove familial ties. Immigration DNA tests definitively confirm biological relationships and fill any gaps left by insufficient records.
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Immigration DNA Testing for the United States and Canada

DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is approved to provide immigration DNA testing services for beneficiaries immigrating to the United States and Canada. Every year, we help thousands of families reunite through immigration into the United States and Canada.

DDC’s United States Immigration DNA Test

Per USCIS and other agency requirements, a laboratory providing immigration DNA testing services for individuals seeking to come to the United States must be AABB-accredited. As an AABB-accredited testing facility, DDC meets these stringent requirements, with results ready in as little as 2 working days after all samples arrive at the lab. We make the process as fast and as easy as possible.

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DNA Test for Immigration
DNA Testing for Immigration

DDC’s Canadian Immigration DNA Test

DDC is a top laboratory for SCC (Standards Council of Canada) immigration sponsorship, IRCC requests, and citizenship DNA testing in Canada. Immigration DNA testing has proven to help expedite the application-approval process, and we’re ready to help.

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When you work with an industry leader like DDC for your immigration test, you can rely on timely and accurate results.

The Benefits of Immigration DNA Testing with DDC

Find out why so many customers choose DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) as their preferred DNA testing provider. Some of the many benefits that come with testing through DDC include:

  • Accreditations: DDC’s United States Immigration DNA Test is AABB-Accredited, whereas the Canada Immigration DNA Test exceeds SCC (Standards Council of Canada) requirements.
  • Experienced Industry Leaders: Since 1995, customers have trusted DDC with over 20 million DNA tests.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: DDC’s dedicated customer support representatives help you with the immigration DNA testing process from start to finish.
  • Partial Upfront Payments Accepted: At DDC, we understand that the immigration process can be challenging and expensive. Because of this, we allow customers to choose between a full or partial upfront payment.
  • 5000+ DNA Collection Facilities Worldwide: With our expansive network of over 5,000 testing locations worldwide, there’s likely a DDC facility nearby ready to assist with all aspects of the testing process.

We Are Your Immigration DNA Test Experts

DDC performs thousands of relationship tests for immigration each year, including:

DNA Immigration Test

How the Immigration DNA Testing Process Works

We make it easy by managing many aspects of the process for you and offering flexible options that meet your needs. Our customer support representatives are available to help you at any point in the process.

Step 1: Give Us a Call

Call our experts for a no-obligation consultation. A dedicated DDC customer support representative can help answer any questions you may have and identify which type of relationship test (paternity, maternity, sibling, etc.) will best suit your immigration testing needs.

CALL NOW: 1.800.681.7162

Step 2: Scheduling DNA Sample Collection

When you schedule an immigration DNA test with DDC, your customer service representative will make an appointment for test participants at a local approved DNA collection center and/or the U.S. embassy or immigration office in the beneficiary’s home country.

During sample collection, the identities of all tested parties will be verified and this proof of verification will be included in the results of the relationship test.

Step 3: Your Test is Carefully Processed

Once the DNA samples arrive at the DDC laboratory, our technicians carefully handle and prepare them for processing. Every DDC relationship test that utilizes buccal (cheek) swab samples is run two separate times by independent teams. The results are then reviewed by our in-house team of PhDs and your results are prepared.

Step 4: Receive Your Results

Once testing is complete, DDC will send the verified immigration DNA test results and a clear explanation of the results to the proper immigration authorities.

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FAQs About DNA Testing for Immigration

Below are some frequently asked questions about immigration DNA testing.

How much does it cost to do an immigration DNA test?

Pricing for an immigration DNA test varies based on a variety of factors, such as the beneficiary’s country of origin. Our dedicated customer service representatives will explain all of your options regarding price, including partial upfront payments for those who would rather pay in multiple installments. Call now for a no-obligation consultation.

Do I need to send DDC my immigration DNA-request paperwork?

Yes, the beneficiary will need to send DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) their immigration DNA-request paperwork. This paperwork will be provided to the beneficiary by the relevant government agency(s) for either the United States or Canada.

How long does an immigration DNA test take?

The amount of time necessary to complete the immigration DNA testing process from start to finish can vary based on the beneficiary’s country of origin, as some countries may lack necessary infrastructure required for expedited results. It is unfortunately something we cannot control.

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