COVID-19 continues to impact all of us, from how people work to how we conduct our daily lives. DDC continues to manage the evolving situation and monitor closely how COVID-19 is affecting our teams, our partners, and our vendors.

Our primary focus remains the health and safety of our teams and our partners. Our commitment to safety covers everything, from making sure we are doing our part to stop the risk of spreading the virus, to maintaining business continuity so that our partners don’t have to worry about theirs.

Although we have taken all the necessary precautions, we want to make you aware that DDC is experiencing delays in both receiving and processing samples at this time. The delays in shipping are due to Winter Weather canceling flights across the country as well as FedEx teams being reduced due to Covid infections and exposures.

The laboratory has also started to experience delays in processing samples due to not only shipping delays but slight staffing issues as well. As seen recently in the news, many industries are being impacted due to the rapid spread of the latest variant. We are doing everything possible to keep all testing on time but may experience delays in the coming weeks depending on how Covid continues to progress in the United States and particularly Ohio where our headquarters resides.

Thank you for your patience during the time. Please know the DDC team will do everything possible to keep all work on time.