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Lawyers from coast to coast depend on DDC’s knowledge of DNA science and analysis.

How do I Locate a Reliable DNA-Expert Witness?

Whenever a case involves DNA, our clients need the best forensic DNA experts to examine the details that are crucial to the case. Case review/consultation and DNA-expert testimony help clients determine if the original DNA analysis supports the reported conclusions, bringing clarity to highly-scientific issues.

Case Review/Consultation: DDC experts evaluate submitted DNA data and documentation of another laboratory’s DNA case to determine if the data produced supports the conclusions. This review helps clients better understand the DNA facts of the case in order to decide if further DNA analysis or expert testimony at trial is necessary. Our experts can help with litigation preparation even if testimony is not required.

DNA-Expert Testimony: DDC’s forensic DNA experts are highly qualified to provide expert trial preparation as well as testimony at trial when needed. The experts provide explanations of test results and testing methodology and procedures employed by DDC in its testing. We can also assess DNA testing conducted by other laboratories at court proceedings in a manner that the jury and others in the court will understand.

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