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Where Can I Get Fast and Accurate DNA Forensics Testing?

DDC is one of the largest and most experienced private DNA-testing companies in the world, and our fully-accredited forensic laboratory provides unbiased, independent DNA-forensics work and consultation services to legal and law-enforcement professionals. What answers can we help you find?

What We Do

DNA Casework Testing

We offer a variety of DNA-testing systems to meet the needs of our clients, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and assays to provide evidence screening, serology testing, and DNA analysis.

Expert DNA Review, Consultation, & Testimony

Whenever a case involves DNA, our clients need the best DNA forensics experts to examine crucial details. We can determine if the original DNA analysis supports the reported conclusions.

DNA Forensic Paternity Testing

We conduct DNA forensic paternity testing for criminal cases involving rape or incest. This type of testing is also used to identify decomposed or otherwise unidentifiable persons.

DNA Specimen Matching

This can be used in various DNA comparison scenarios, such as a drug or blood alcohol content screening, pathology sample/patient confirmation, or biological research/cell line confirmation.

Our DNA Forensics Services Proudly Support the Innocence Project

DDC began its partnership with the Ohio Innocence Project in 2006, assisting the organization’s effort to help free wrongfully-convicted incarcerated individuals. Today, DDC proudly assists Innocent Network projects nationwide through DNA testing. As always, it is our mission to provide impartial, unbiased DNA testing for all who seek truth.

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