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DDC is the only DNA-testing laboratory trusted by AOA.

Where Can I Get an Alpaca Test?

DNA testing for alpacas is ordered through our partner in alpaca testing: Alpaca Owners of America, Inc. (AOA). We perform two high-quality tests for alpacas: DNA Profiling and BVDV. Since 2010, DDC has been the exclusive DNA laboratory, and we are very proud of this partnership.

NOTE: Testing cannot be ordered directly through DDC: Contact AOA to discuss your alpaca-test options.

Alpaca Owners Association

8300 Cody Dr. Ste A
Lincoln, NE 68512
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Why You Should Contact AOA for Alpaca Testing

  • Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. (AOA) is the world’s largest alpaca association, with thousands of human members and hundreds of thousands of alpacas in its registry database
  • AOA provides an internationally-recognized pedigree registry and national marketing program for alpacas and alpaca fiber products. AOA also produces the well-regarded Alpacas Magazine
  • AOA maintains the industry’s largest Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) program, national show system, and judge-training program
  • With decades of history, AOA continues to provide support to the North-American alpaca industry through programs that assist members in growing their alpaca, alpaca fiber, and alpaca product businesses


Why AOA Trusts DDC

In 2010, AOA sought to find a new DNA-services provider. The selection process involved careful consideration based on a series of interviews, site visits, and client references. DDC emerged as the clear leader from a list of eight laboratories, based on demonstrable results and a reputation for integrity, quality and service.

10 years following that decision, the DDC service staff and laboratory personnel continue to demonstrate their commitment to the AOA partnership by offering the highest-quality alpaca testing in the industry. DDC has processed hundreds of thousands of DNA tests for the association and—according to AOA—“DDC has surpassed our expectations especially in the realm of customer service. Their staff truly views AOA and the alpaca industry as a partner, and they have consistently shown a willingness to enhance testing and add new services.”

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