Individuals find themselves considering a paternity test for a variety of reasons. In many cases, paternity testing is required by a legal situation; in others, the question of whether or not to proceed with a paternity test is more of a personal decision. Below are the most common reasons people decide to go ahead and get a home paternity test.

  1. Peace of Mind. The relief people get from getting a nagging question answered, especially one of paternity, is one of the main reasons they decide to take the plunge and order a paternity test. In many cases, a home paternity test can satisfy this need, a simple procedure that does not require the formal identification and appointment arrangements that a legal paternity test requires.
  2. Medical History. Some people recognize the importance of keeping an accurate family history for medical purposes. Identifying a child’s father is the first step in learning more about his or her inherited medical history.
  3. Knowledge Before Legal Action. Before taking any legal action, some individuals may prefer to discreetly take a home paternity test to confirm or deny their suspicions first, to avoid needlessly escalating family tensions.
  4. Privacy. Couples may prefer to answer the paternity question and make arrangements privately, without involving government agencies in issues of child support and custody. A legal paternity test is private and confidential, and is still best for such situations in the long run (in case test results are ever needed in a future legal situation). However, if both parties are agreeable, a home paternity test will also provide the answer they need to settle matters privately.
  5. Emotional bonding. Research shows that a father’s involvement in their child’s life increases his or her chances for success in many areas, including academic and social development. Many potential fathers want to be involved in their child’s life but just want to make sure they are the father before making an emotional investment.

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