What Percentage of Men Have Children?

Aug 5, 2023 | Paternity

What Percentage of Men Have Children

Understanding the dynamics of fatherhood can be a complicated task. Here you can explore the percentage of men who have children, situations where men have children and do not know it, whether these numbers are on the rise or decline, and more. 


The Percentage of Men Who Have Children

According to a Census study using data from 2014, more than 60% of the 121 million adult men in the U.S. were fathers. While the majority of men in the United States have children, this number has declined when compared to the statistics of the past. Various factors could contribute to this trend, for example:

  • Increased Economic Pressures
  • Reduced Healthcare Access
  • Climate Anxiety
  • Changes in Social Norms 
  • More Relaxed Family Structures
  • Increased Education Access
  • Increased Career Opportunities
  • Lifestyle Choices Affecting Fertility
  • And More


Men Who Don’t Know They Have Children 

There are many documented incidents where women that give birth decide not to inform the father of the child. Sometimes, this decision is made for valid reasons, including for the welfare of the child. For example, the father could be abusive, psychologically unwell, or unfit to be a parent. 

In other instances, the mother could withhold this knowledge from the father solely for her own benefit. This situation may arise from a one-time encounter, a previous relationship, or various other circumstances. 

In most jurisdictions, the mother has the right to hide a pregnancy, but this decision can have unforeseen consequences. Not only could the decision to keep the father uninformed eliminate the possibility of financial support, but it could also take a significant emotional toll on the mother and child. 


Confirming Paternity with DNA Paternity Testing

If you’re a man and suspect that a child could be yours, it is natural to seek confirmation and clarity. Establishing paternity is not just a personal matter of knowing whether you are the biological father; it also holds significant legal and emotional implications.

If the mother is unwilling to comply with your request for paternity testing, your best option is to go through the legal system, where you can request a court-ordered paternity test. 


Why Establishing Paternity is Crucial

There are many different reasons why a person may want to establish paternity with DNA testing, including:

  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities: Knowing you are the biological father may entitle you to certain rights, such as custody or visitation. It also obligates you to responsibilities, including child support. These rights and responsibilities can be essential for both the father’s and the child’s well-being.
  • Emotional Connection: Establishing a biological connection can create a bond between the father and child, paving the way for a meaningful relationship. This connection can also be vital for the child’s emotional development.
  • Inheritance Rights: Legal paternity can affect inheritance rights, ensuring that the child is recognized in legal matters related to inheritance and estate planning.


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