The Miller Moms Share Their Prenatal Paternity Testing Experience

Curious about what to expect when you choose a Prenatal Paternity Test with DDC? Love and lifestyle influencers from St. Louis, MO, Dev and Alanna Miller (@toobeautifulsouls), share their story about working with the DDC team to verify paternity following sperm donor insemination.  


Alanna and Dev’s Story 

Eleven years into their relationship, 32-year-old married couple Alanna and Deveny (Dev) Miller knew they wanted to expand their family. As an LGBT couple, they chose sperm insemination to bring a child into their wonderful marriage. “When we started trying, we actually had two donors, and we were trying with both,” Dev explained. Soon after the insemination attempts, the couple was thrilled to discover that Alanna was pregnant.  


Miller Mommies Pregnancy Test


Following the initial celebration of the news, Alanna and Dev knew they needed help to determine which of the two donors was the father of the baby.  


Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing Made Easy 

Alanna and Dev began researching options to determine which sperm donor was the biological father of their growing baby. When they learned about the possibility of non-invasive prenatal paternity (NIPP) testing, they were immediately drawn to this option to get peace of mind quickly and prepare for their new baby’s birth 

“We wanted to properly prepare with the right person for the birth of our child,” explained Alanna. “And we wanted to be prepared for anything that might come after.”

For sperm donor pregnancies, it is important to ensure that the appropriate parental rights paperwork has been completed well in advance of the baby’s arrival.  


Doing Their Research 

Dev and Alanna discovered DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) during their thorough research process. The couple says that the reputation and accreditations of DDC’s lab significantly influenced their choice to work with DDC as a testing provider.  

We were looking for a company that was reputable, trustworthy, and had been around for a long time,” said Alanna 

As a pioneer in the field of prenatal paternity testing, DDC has performed more paternity tests than any other lab worldwide. Alanna was impressed by the clear information on the website and decided to reach out to DDC. “It shows a full breakdown of what you’ll be experiencing, when you’ll get your results, and what to expect. All of their accreditations are listed right on the home page… everything is extremely transparent,” said Alanna. 


Their Experience With DDC  

After contacting DDC, Alanna and Dev were connected to our dedicated representative, Carolyn E. The couple explained their situation and were thrilled to hear that they were candidates for the Certainty™ NIPP test and that it was affordable with their budget. They also learned that there were several options for local testing centers. “She answered every single question I had and gave us the resources that we needed,” said Alanna.  

Comforted by their initial consultation with Carolyn, Dev and Alanna elected to use DDC’s Certainty™ Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test, which can isolate and analyze free-floating fetal DNA from the mother’s blood at just seven weeks gestation. With this test, Alanna and Dev were excited to learn that they could also find out their baby’s gender in the results for free.  


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Their NIPP Testing Journey 

Shortly after the initial call, Alanna and Dev drove to a nearby DDC clinic to have Alanna’s blood sample collected. The couple describes the collection experience as quick and painless and were in and out of the clinic quickly. 

The two sperm donors also provided DNA samples at other facilities in different states. There are over 5000 testing facilities within the DDC network, so finding nearby locations for each party was simple, and their DDC representative, Carolyn, arranged each appointment. 

Alanna and Dev were also excited to learn they could expedite their test results. While typical non-invasive prenatal paternity test results can take 7-10 days, DDC’s expedited results are ready as soon as 72 hours after the labs received all the samples. 


Getting the NIPP Results 

Just days after their appointment, Dev and Alanna received an email notification that the results were ready. They logged into their secure portal to view the PDF document. Within the official report document, the results confirmed the paternity of one of the donors with 99.9% confidence. The Miller Mommies recall the moment they opened their results and describe it as a massive weight off of their shoulders.  

There’s nothing that compares to that kind of relief and peace of mind,” said Dev. 

Not only did Alanna and Dev now know who the father of their baby was, but they learned that the two of them would soon become mothers of a little boy. 

Dev says that she would absolutely recommend using DDC as a testing provider. She noted that she was impressed with how Carolyn listened to their situation without judgment and made the process easy and comfortable. “I also loved that once the company heard that we were two moms instead of a mom and a dad, how LGBTQ friendly they were,” added Dev. “We love you Carolyn,” the couple said. 

Carolyn continued to support their case, ensuring the process was smooth for all parties. “It’s always a pleasure helping such a nice couple find the answers they need. I wish Alanna and Dev all the best with their growing family,” she said.  


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