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Sep 17, 2020 | DDC News, Press Releases

DDC Announces Launch of its Peekaboo Early Detection Gender DNA Test


DNA Diagnostics Center® (DDC®), a global leader in genetic relationship testing, announced today the launch of Peekaboo™, an early detection test that determines fetal gender using advanced DNA testing. The highly-accurate test can inform expectant parents of their baby’s gender as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy, as opposed to the 18-22 weeks typical for traditional ultrasound gender detection.

With a clinically-proven accuracy rate of 99.5%, Peekaboo sets the standard for performance and is the only early gender reveal test endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association (APA).

“Because DNA Diagnostics Center is highly accredited and consistently delivers premium-quality testing and care, the American Pregnancy Association recommends DNA Diagnostics Center for a wide range of testing needs” said Lynn Handley, President of the APA. “We’re excited they are now offering a new gender-reveal test that will deliver accurate results sooner than anything else on the market.”

Test accuracy was validated in an extensive study that compared maternal self-collected blood samples and matched professional venous-blood draws. Cell-free fetal DNA was isolated from the samples and then tested for fetal-sex determination using both Peekaboo and next-generation sequencing for comparison.

“While next-generation sequencing is one of the most clinically exacting methodologies available, it is cost-prohibitive for parents primarily interested in an early-gender reveal” said Michael Baird, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at DDC. “With Peekaboo, our scientists were able to design a highly-accurate test that utilizes cell-free fetal DNA without the complexities and expense of next-generation sequencing.”

Consumer demand for gender-reveal testing has grown significantly in recent years, with an increasing interest in early detection to better plan for the baby’s arrival. To support this demand, DDC has developed Peekaboo, an at-home test kit, as well as Peekaboo PRO, an in-office kit for healthcare professionals.

“During these unprecedented times, milestone events in our life carry even greater meaning and importance” said Scott Cramer, DDC President and CEO. “The Peekaboo baby gender early detection test is a natural extension of our portfolio and one that we wanted to ensure has the highest level of performance, whether DNA is collected at home or at the healthcare provider’s office. Having successfully performed over 20 million DNA tests since our inception, we are proud to introduce this exciting new test.”

Both the at-home Peekaboo and clinical Peekaboo PRO test kits are now available for purchase at, and the at-home kit can also be purchased on

About DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC):
Founded in 1995, DDC is one of the largest private DNA-testing companies, offering diagnostic and genetic tests to help answer relationship, fertility, and health and wellness questions. DDC continues to expand its presence in the testing market through both its internal R&D efforts as well as acquisitions.

DDC provides products approved by the FDA and EMA, and is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), The Ministry of Justice, The College of American Pathologists (CAP), and The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA). DDC is also accredited by ACLASS to meet the international standards of ISO 17025 and the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors / Laboratory Accreditation Board-International (ASCLD/LAB).

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