The Hidden Costs of Free DNA Test Kits: Why You Should Think Twice

While the idea of a free DNA test kit sounds like an enticing option for many, consider the potential pitfalls before you commit to testing with an unknown and possibly inferior provider. 

Depending on the type of DNA test you’re looking for, the results could have far-reaching consequences and affect important family relationships. With so much at stake, ensure you work with an accredited company that provides accurate and trusted results. 


Why You Should Be Wary of “Free” or
“Cheap” DNA Tests

When you see a DNA test deal that seems too good to be true – it most likely is. Some noteworthy factors to consider before you test with a company offering free or low cost services includes:


Compromised Privacy

There’s always some amount of risk associated with sharing your personal information. This risk can be just as important regarding your genetic data. A breach could lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information, opening avenues for exploitation and misuse.

Even if no breach occurs, some testing providers might not adhere to stringent privacy policies, meaning your sensitive genetic information and data could be sold or shared without your consent. You might become a subject of targeted advertising or, worse, a victim of identity theft. 


Hidden Costs

While “free” DNA tests may seem attractive, consumers should be wary of hidden costs. Detailed results and comprehensive reports often come at an additional fee, with the initial free results providing only basic information. 

Some companies operate on a subscription model, leading to recurring expenses that might not have been clearly communicated upfront. Ensure that you read the fine print, check reviews, and directly inquire about the total costs involved to avoid unexpected expenses. 


Questionable Accuracy

The quality and accuracy of bargain and/or free DNA test kits can be compromised due to a variety of circumstances, including: 

  • Inadequate Technology
  • Unskilled Professionals 
  • Vague Genetic Analysis

Laboratories might not be accredited and may lack stringent quality control, leading to potential errors or inconsistencies in results. The data analysis could be basic, relying on generic algorithms and limited genetic markers, providing an incomplete or inaccurate picture of one’s genetic information. 

Inadequate customer support could further magnify accuracy issues, leaving consumers with unclarified and potentially misleading information about their genetic makeup and/or biological relationships. 


DDC: A Trusted Provider and Industry Leader

You can trust the results when you choose DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) as your DNA test provider. DDC is the world leader in paternity testing, performing more tests than any other lab. Other DNA tests provided by DDC include:

Headquartered in Fairfield, Ohio, the DDC team has been setting the standard in DNA testing for over 25 years, using the most advanced technology and techniques available. With accreditations from AABB, CAP, CLIA, and more, our in-house laboratory has performed over 20 million DNA tests for clients worldwide.


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