DNA Sequence of Genghis Khan's Descendant

Jan 4, 2012 | Ancestry DNA Testing, Celebrity Paternity Test, Human Genome

Scientists in China have completed the genome sequence for Genghis Khan’s direct descendant—the first complete genome sequence from a representative of the Mongolian population.
The unnamed man is Khan’s 34th- generation descendant, who was chosen for his fully defined family pedigree dating back to the 13th century, and the absence of intermarriage with other ethnic groups. This may have been particularly important, because Khan is famous for being prolific. According to the article:

A study released in 2003 revealed that 8 percent of the males living in the regions of the former Mongolian Empire carried a nearly identical Y chromosome, suggesting that they were all direct descendants of Genghis Khan and his many sons. According to the study, as many as 0.5 percent of all males on the planet today may be descendants of Genghis Khan.

The scientists’ goal in decoding this genome sequence is to explore genetic differences and examine the characteristics of genetic diseases found among the Mongolian people.
Genome sequencing also provides information that scientists can use in tracing a person’s ancestry. As indicated above, testing the Y chromosome is often used to trace paternal lineages. DNA Diagnostics Center offers Y-chromosome comparison testing to investigate a possible paternal lineage between two males.
We also offer a Y-STR test that gives ancestry researchers their Y haplogroup—revealing the geographic origins of their direct paternal ancestor. Genghis Khan belongs to the Haplogroup C.


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