DDC Unveils Cell Line Authentication Services at Scientific Conference

Dec 1, 2011 | Press Releases, Science and Technology

DDC’s associate laboratory director, Dr. Thomas Reid, will be presenting a scientific poster detailing the techniques used in DDC’s cell line authentication service this weekend at the American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB) Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado.
The integrity of cell lines used in scientific research has been shown to be compromised in many studies (described in an open letter signed by leading scientists). Human cell lines are often used in the study of human diseases—their causes, progression, and prevention. However, research results can be altered by contamination of cell lines by other human and non-human sources, such as the mouse feeder cells that are part of the culture environment, or bacteria such as mycoplasma.
Top scientific organizations are now issuing guidelines regarding the standards for validating the identity of cell lines used in publicly funded research and in studies submitted for publication to scientific journals. DDC’s laboratory offers a convenient and affordable service to enable researchers to meet these cell line authentication requirements.
For more information about this new service, call our dedicated cell line specialists at 1-800-929-0815 or contact us via email.
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