DDC is proud to announce the most innovative test of its kind in the last decade—the first non-invasive prenatal paternity test using SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism) Microarray Technology, which requires only a simple blood draw from the mother and alleged father.

As the exclusive licensee for this test, DDC’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Michael Baird, has been spearheading this initiative. In fact, Dr. Baird confirms, the new test is 100 percent safe for the developing fetus, 99.9 percent accurate, is performed in a CLIA-certified laboratory (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and results are available within five business days.

The test, called ‘The DDC® Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test,’ is available now online or by calling 1-800-Call-DDC (1-800-225-5332).

According to Dr. Baird, the use of SNP Microarray Technology is “groundbreaking, innovative technology” using over 317,000 genetic markers and bioinformatics to determine paternity.

“The DDC® Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test provides an alternative for people seeking paternity results prior to the baby’s birth,” Dr. Baird stated, “replacing paternity tests that utilize procedures such as amniocentesis, which are invasive and carry risks for the mother and the child. What makes this new test extraordinary is that it uses ‘cell free circulating’ fetal DNA found in the mother’s blood, which is stabilized with a proprietary reagent, combined with the analysis of 317,000 genetic markers. That means the DNA we analyze is only the DNA from the fetus, and not lingering DNA found in the mother’s system from previous pregnancies. With this technology, the DDC® Non-Invasive Prenatal Test is by far the most significant innovation in paternity testing in the last decade.”

Peter Vitulli, CEO of DDC and the executive responsible for securing the exclusive license from Gene Security Network (GSN), a privately held genetic company, said, “The DDC® Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test will change the face of the prenatal DNA market.  We know that mothers around the world will take comfort in the safety and convenience of the test, and potential fathers—who remarkably comprise nearly 50 percent of our customer base—will also find closure at an early stage of the pregnancy.”

Gene Security Network (GSN), was founded in 2004 by President and CEO Matthew Rabinowitz, Ph.D.  GSN’s Dr. Rabinowitz added, “DDC leads the industry in providing accurate and reliable paternity testing. We are honored to partner exclusively with them for the U.S. consumer market. Our bioinformatics technology is used in a range of cutting-edge clinical diagnostic tests involving tiny quantities of DNA—as little as that from a single cell. This unique technology is now being applied to tiny traces of fetal DNA found in a pregnant mother’s blood to reach an accurate conclusion regarding paternity, without incurring any risk to the pregnancy.”

The validation of the technology for single cell genetic testing has been published in the journal Human Reproduction and it is used at over one hundred in-vitro fertilization centers and hospitals around the world. The technology has now been validated on cell free circulating DNA for paternity testing. That data has been submitted to AABB for certification and is also being prepared for submission to a peer reviewed journal. Additionally a recent gender report published by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) details a new technology used in determining the gender of a baby by detecting DNA from the fetus that floats freely in a pregnant women’s blood, substantiates DDC’s new test. Read more here.

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