Celebrity Paternity Testing Around the World

Sep 27, 2015 | DNA test, Paternity, Paternity Test

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Celebrities and DNA Testing

Here in America, we are bombarded with celebrity news, and it grows with today’s technologies like Twitter. “Baby Daddy” news always grabs the headlines, and celebs continue to find ways to have babies leading to “[insert star here] Demands Paternity Test!” But the U.S. doesn’t have a lock on celebrity paternity testing—here are the top 5 paternity headlines from around the world.
Kim Hyun Joong—South Korea
Boy bands aren’t exclusive to the U.S. either, and Kim Huyn Joong was a member and lead rapper of the South Korean band SS501. In February of 2015, his girlfriend reported that she was pregnant. Now serving in the military, Kim has stated that “if” he is the father, after paternity testing can be administered, then he will take full responsibility and help with child support. He also made it clear he has not intention of marrying the baby’s mom.
Zola, and Utatakho—South Africa
In South Africa this past July, local TV channel Mzznsi Magic debuted their reality show Utatatkho, with paternity episode. But they promised it would be less dramatic than the Maury show, seen in the U.S. Actor and music star Zola, a familiar face in South African reality TV, is the host. He too has had a very public clash over child support of his two kids in 2007, so he knows the emotion of paternity testing. “I can relate to Utatakho on a very personal level. I know the pain directly and wonder how many men go through the same thing.
Kyrie Irving—USA
One report said “Welcome to life as a super-star in the NBA.” It’s true, the NBA has been a strong provider of paternity testing headlines, to be sure! From Sean Kemp to Michael Jordan, not a year goes by without paternity drama. In this case, Kyrie apparently impregnated Andrea Wilson, former Miss Texas. TMZ reports Irving filed documents in a Texas court, alleging Wilson is pregnant with his child, and he wants a paternity test to prove it. We’ll have to wait until the baby is born (December?) to find out the results.
Louis Tomlinson—England
English pop boy band One Direction has been in the news and at the top of charts since it finished third in the British X Factor in 2010. Louis is now one of the four members of the group, and has been recently rumored to have paternity drama. The Hollywood Gossip reports that his ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth may have been with another guy before—and during—her time with Louis. Tomlinson seems to be excited about the prospect of fatherhood, but now also might be demanding a paternity test to be sure.
Floyd Shivambu—South Africa
The EFF is a socialist political party in South Africa, currently the third-largest party in both houses of the Parliament. Shivambu is deputy president, and is reportedly facing a court order to show whether he is the father of a five year old boy. A woman is seeking monthly “maintenance,” or child support, and the politician claims he has no knowledge of the boy—or the woman for that matter!

Eric Brunner Exonerated Based on Key DNA Evidence Provided by DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) in Partnership with the Ohio Innocence Project

Eric Brunner Exonerated Based on Key DNA Evidence Provided by DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) in Partnership with the Ohio Innocence Project

FAIRFIELD, Ohio, Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DNA Diagnostics Center, Inc. (“DDC”), part of the global network of Eurofins companies, announces that Eric Brunner, a Canton, OH man who was convicted of rape and attempted rape of two women in 1996, has been exonerated based on key DNA analysis performed by DDC’s Forensics Department in conjunction with the Ohio Innocence Project (OIP). Mr. Brunner served 13 years in prison before he was released on parole in 2009.

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