DDC provides answers through a DNA test featured on today’s Dr. Phil show, in which the paternity of a 4-month old baby boy is in question. His mother found out that she was pregnant shortly after breaking up with the (possible) father, who has since moved on with a new life and love. Watch the show to find out more details!
Dr. Phil is one of the many national TV shows that rely on DDC to provide expert DNA testing services. We are the sole provider of DNA testing for the Maury Show, and our scientists have served as TV experts in many high-profile cases.
But you don’t need to be on TV to get a paternity test—we provide affordable and confidential private DNA testing services to clients throughout the United States and around the world. In fact, DDC performs 3 out of every 4 private DNA tests in the United States.
For more information about DNA testing for paternity and other family relationships, visit our website or call 1-800-613-5768.