I’m Pregnant. Who Is The Father? DNA Paternity Testing

Jun 19, 2013 | DNA test, Paternity, Paternity Test, Prenatal DNA testing

As uncomfortable as it may sound, the question is more common than one might think. Who is the father? Today, more than half of all births from American women under 30 occur outside of marriage. Increases in births outside of the marriage may point to the transforming family. Today, technology has equipped women bearing children with non-invasive DNA paternity tests that will help answer the question, who is the father? Here’s a look at what DNA paternity testing is, how DNA paternity testing works and how it can help answer your father questions.
What is DNA Paternity Testing?
A paternity test will help determine the biological father of a child. DNA is inherited from our own biological parents. When a child is conceived half of the DNA comes from our mother and the other half from our father. A DNA paternity test compares a child’s DNA pattern to that of an “alleged father”. Today, it remains the most definitive proof when performed correctly in an experienced laboratory.
How Does DNA Paternity Testing Work?
Before Birth – Paternity testing before birth/during pregnancy is called Prenatal Paternity Testing. Today’s technology has allowed us to perform less invasive forms of prenatal paternity testing such as analyzing the child’s blood found in the mother’s blood stream. This new technique can provide answers in just 5 days and requires only a sample of blood. This test can be performed any time starting in week 9 of pregnancy. Other DNA testing techniques such as Amniocentesis are more invasive and can present the risk of miscarriage. See which option is right for you.
After Birth – Today, people may know of using a Buccal (cheek) swab as how most DNA Testing laboratories paternity test. This method is less invasive than the taking of blood. If the DNA test is for the mother and alleged father’s own knowledge, the option of purchasing a Home DNA Test is available. Once the paternity test has been ordered online or over the phone, the kit will be mailed to your home in discreet packaging within one business day. Follow and complete the instructions on the kit for collecting the DNA samples. After completion return the testing kit in the return envelope. Once the testing kit has been received by the DNA Testing facility, they will provide your testing results online in up to one day’s time.
Finding out who the father is doesn’t have to be a mystery. Get a free consultation today by calling 1-800-613-5768.

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