What Do I Do with the Results of the DNA Test?

Jul 7, 2016 | Science and Technology

The results of your ancestral DNA tests can be used in a few different ways. Of course, the test will verify biological relationships you uncovered in your research. After DNA testing you will know that you are (or are not), in fact, biologically related to the family member that you have located. The results of your test might raise more questions and lead to more research.

Another use of your results is through online databases. There are a few online databases that can use the results of your DNA test to match you with other relatives, trace your family’s place of origin and migration patterns, and much more. If you used the Y-STR test, or might be helpful. If you used the mtDNA test, could give you more information. Your results can be plugged into these databases to give you more information about your ancestry. You can also compare your results with others at


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