DDC Medical, a division of DNA Diagnostics Center, has signed a distribution deal with Fisher Scientific, a leading global supplier of Life Sciences equipment and services, to offer cell line authentication and Mycoplasma detection services to researchers in North America and Europe. The partnership was launched in Orlando, Florida in late January, and the European launch takes place at Fisher’s annual sales meeting in Estoril, Portugal on Tuesday, February 26.

The call for scientists to authenticate cell lines at key points – by both the NIH and the ATCC – is due to an alarming rate of cell line contamination and misidentification in research involving human cell lines. According to the Wall Street Journal, as much as 36% of known cell lines are contaminated or misidentified. The implications of invalidated studies are especially profound in cancer research, where treatments and diagnoses are dependent upon using the proper materials.

The partnership leverages DDC’s strengths in STR (DNA) profiling and Mycoplasma detection with Fisher Scientific’s highly trained global sales force to provide researchers with high-quality cell line authentication services through knowledgeable sales representatives whom they already know and trust.

DDC’s laboratory is CLIA certified and accredited for ISO 17025:2005 through ACLASS. DDC Medical specializes in testing services for Cell Line Authentication, Mycosplasma Detection, Bio-banking, and non-invasive Prenatal DNA tests. For more information, visit www.ddcmedical.com.