Why Fathers Should Consider a Legal DNA Paternity Test

Jun 15, 2015 | Paternity, Paternity Test

Having a child means a whole new world of responsibility that some people may not be ready for. Ready or not, when your baby is born into the world, you are a parent. There is often little doubt as to who the father of a child is when a couple is married. Most times, in the eyes of the law, when a child is born by married parents, it’s assumed the child is biologically related to the parents. But if a divorce should happen, or if the couple was never married in the first place, and child support is on the table, fathers should give serious consideration to a legal DNA paternity test from a reliable laboratory, such as DNA Diagnostics Center, to validate their paternity.
Separations and Divorces Are Tough for Many Reasons
Even an amicable divorce is tough emotionally for all of the parties involved. Depending on the details of your case, the fidelity of your spouse may be in question, which could also question the true paternity of your children. Many fathers have little doubt in their minds, but studies show that up to 30% of fathers have some doubt. You want to ensure that your children are given the best care possible throughout a separation, as it is just as hard on them—or harder, in some cases—as it is on you and your spouse.
Avoiding False Child Support
 One of the most important reasons for a legal DNA test is that fathers do not have to pay child support for children that are not theirs. If there is any reason to suspect a child is not yours, especially in cases where the couple was not married and had multiple sexual partners, then a legal DNA test can help to prove or disprove paternity. And the proof is then presented in a report that is admissible in court. However, you need to make sure that a reliable, highly-accredited and court-trusted laboratory, such as DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), performs the test. This way, the results can actually be used in your legal case. The difference is in the way the DNA is collected, with all the DNA being collected by a third party, after all ID has been verified. It may sound difficult, but experts like DDC make if very simple.
 Husbands and Fathers Deserve to Be Protected, Too
 Some fathers choose to continue to care for children they have helped to raise regardless of paternity test results. However, husbands and fathers deserve to be protected from fraudulent child support claims. DDC can provide legal DNA paternity tests to help with your child support case. A simple phone call is all it takes, as they help hundreds of parents get help every day.

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