Since 2003, DDC’s Veterinary Division has offered DNA testing for animals, providing breeders and veterinarians with reliable and accurate parentage verification as well as several inherited trait and disease tests.

In recent years, DDC has added an increasing number of available tests for canines, from detecting inherited disorders such as Exercise-Induced Collapse and Centronuclear Myopathy in Labradors, to predicting traits such as coat color and coat length and curl—which are important attributes in several breeds.

To help clients maximize DNA testing for their dogs, DDC Veterinary is offering discounted pricing when a client purchases multiple DNA tests for the same dog. The standard price for most tests is $58 per DNA sample, and each additional test for the same DNA sample can be ordered for only $20 each.

This discount is valid for canine DNA tests listed under Inherited Disease and Inherited Traits Screening pages.

Volume discounts for testing multiple dogs (5 or more animals) are also available, and can be combined with the multiple test discount.

To order a Dog DNA Test, simply visit or call 1-800-625-0874.