DNA testing brothers

One of the questions we’re sometimes asked is whether or not a paternity test can distinguish between brothers who are both possible fathers.
The answer is Yes. However, brothers may share many common DNA markers used in paternity testing, so the laboratory may need to perform extra testing. There are two options in this scenario:
Option 1: Test both brothers.
By comparing both possible fathers’ DNA profiles with the child’s DNA profile, our laboratory staff can expertly determine which brother’s DNA matches the child’s profile.
Option 2: Test one brother with extended analysis. This option can be taken when only one of the possible fathers is available for testing. To produce a conclusive result, we must perform extended testing and analysis using additional DNA markers.
DDC has the largest set of DNA markers in the industry. This allows us to distinguish between closely related individuals (brothers or father/son) in a paternity test quickly and conclusively.
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