DNA-Inspired Art: Wear Your Genes or Paint with Blood

Feb 4, 2013 | DNA science

We here at DNA Diagnostics Center know that DNA is beautiful. Though, sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the scientific potential of DNA. Less often do we take the time to appreciate its visual beauty, which is sad because as you will see, DNA-inspired art can be stunning.

Wear your DNA

Over at, those with more of a decorative interest in DNA can have a custom Gene Ring created, literally transforming their DNA profiles into a piece of visual art (or even a shirt!). What works with this approach (rather than the converse, and perhaps more grotesque, method described below) is that the somewhat “sterile” and intentionally non-organic nature of the art means a wider and more receptive audience. Without a doubt, these Gene Rings are not only interesting to look at, but provide a great conversation piece during the holidays with family.

Paint with DNA

The above pieces could be considered the entry-level approach to art lovers looking to figuratively tap into DNA for the sake of art. Art lovers looking to literally tap into DNA would be better served by artist Vincent Castiglia and his paintings using, get this, HIS OWN BLOOD!
From Castiglia’s website: “In the privacy of his studio, Castiglia practices a kind of modern-day phlebotomy, siphoning the life force which contains his own psychic energy, while giving it an outlet and form. In doing so, he dissolves the barrier between artist and art in the most literal and immediate sense.”
For those interested in a peek into Castiglia’s work, check out the video below.
Are you interested in your own Gene Ring? Head over to The Gene Ring makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.

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