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How Does a Home Paternity Test Work?

Apr 19, 2011 | Paternity, Paternity Test

home dna test kit

Home DNA Testing Kit

Home paternity testing has been in the news lately—in one unique case, it has even been used as part of a scam to get people’s personal information and extort money. So if an unwanted DNA kit shows up in your mailbox, check it out carefully.
How exactly does home paternity testing work, and what can you expect about the process?
At DDC, we will not send out unsolicited kits, as described in the news report. Our clients order kits conveniently over the phone (1-800-831-1906) or online through www.dnacenter.com. Once the order is received, we create a case file and send them the kits as instructed, in discreet packaging for our clients’ privacy.
Clients will receive a DNA testing kit within 3-5 days (or sooner with expedited options). The kit contains the following:

  • Buccal swabs to collect DNA
  • Swab envelopes, which are used to label and seal the swab samples
  • Detailed, simple instructions for collecting DNA
  • A return envelope to send samples back to the laboratory for free.

Once we receive the samples at the laboratory, a team inspects the sealed swab envelopes for any sign of tampering. After initial inspection and the sample login, the DNA samples are extracted and thoroughly analyzed for matches between the child and possible father.
The test results are sent according to the clients’ instructions—via mail, email, or via our online results reporting system.
If you are interested in our home DNA tests, call us today for a free consultation.



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