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Because information in a case is so sensitive, many people hesitate to test since they worry about paternity test privacy. Taking a  test can be stressful because results are often life-changing and you want access to your information to be controlled. So when you test with DDC, should you be concerned? No! Here are some of the privacy-related questions we get most often, along with their answers:


How do you protect my paternity test privacy?

As a company, we have a strict overarching confidentiality policy that is at the very heart of our culture. All DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) employees who work in the paternity test part of our business, whether it’s for our home kit, legal testing, or non-invasive prenatal paternity testing are HIPAA-trained and certified. We understand that all customer information we see at work stays at work. Period. Our reputation for maintaining the highest standards for privacy is just one of the many reasons why DDC is the most-recommended DNA test in America.


Can anyone else access my online account?

At the time you fill out the paperwork for your paternity test, you enter an email address for the account as well as a password. Unless you choose to share that information with someone else, no one can access your online account and you can be confident that your paternity test privacy is preserved.


Can I give you special instructions about sharing my information?

Of course you can give us special instructions—it’s your paternity test! If you only want us to communicate with you via email, we’ll do it. Prefer text? That’s fine too. We do our very best to communicate all important information clearly, on time, and in the way that’s most comfortable, convenient, and private for you.


What if someone else calls in to ask about my case?

There are three (3) specific pieces of information that we ask for whenever anyone calls in to ask about a case. If the caller cannot give the proper responses, then we do not talk to them about the case in any way. We take your paternity test privacy very seriously and do everything we can to safeguard the confidentiality of your testing information and results.


Do you sell my DNA profile to other companies?  


Don’t hesitate to call us at 800-929-0847: We’re here to help.

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