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Jul 18, 2012 | Ancestry DNA Testing, DNA test, Native American DNA test

A recent article in the LA Times highlights a new DNA study supporting the alternative theory that the Americas were populated by three waves of migration via the Bering Strait rather than one, as majority of human geneticists believe. The study employed SNP markers that revealed three distinct genetic signatures among the Native American populations. Scientists believe that Native American populations were established beginning 15,000 years ago.
Popular interest in Native American genetics has been growing in the past few years, from those who simply want to know more about their possible Native American heritage, to those desiring to be officially identified, or “enrolled,” in a recognized Native American tribe.
DDC offers DNA testing services that address a range of questions people may have about their Native American ancestry. Our testing services are a great start for those who want to know if they have any Native American “blood.” For those with a more concrete family history who desire conclusive DNA results verifying their relationship with a Native American tribal member, DDC’s Native American Testing specialists can assist in choosing the appropriate relationship DNA test in their situation.
For more information about our Native American Testing services, please call 1-800-319-9099.


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