The Benefits of NIPP: Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing

A lack of certainty regarding the biological father of your baby can be stressful and add strain to many different aspects of your life. With non-invasive prenatal paternity testing (NIPP testing), you can rest assured knowing your baby-to-be’s father can be verified even before you give birth.  


What is NIPP Testing? 

A non-invasive prenatal paternity test or NIPP test is a type of paternity test that a provider can perform to determine the biological father of a fetus before the mother gives birth.  


How Does NIPP Testing Work? 

Very early in pregnancy, the baby’s DNA begins to pass through the placenta and begins to circulate in the mom’s blood stream. To perform a prenatal paternity test, a simple blood sample can be collected from the mother at one of DDC’s nationwide clinics, and a DNA sample like a cheek swab will be collected from the potential father. More discreet samples like fingernail clippings may also be an option as well, if the potential father will not provide a cheek swab. The clinic will send the mother’s blood sample to a laboratory, where the free-floating fetal DNA cells will be extracted and analyzed. From there, the laboratory will compare the baby’s DNA to the DNA of the potential father(s) to determine if a match exists.  


NIPP Testing Is Safe for Mother and Baby 

With a NIPP test, you can take comfort in knowing that you and your baby are not at risk. Before non-invasive prenatal paternity testing was the top option for pregnant women, the other prenatal choices came with a certain degree of risk. The most common invasive tests still to this day are amniocentesis and CVS (chorionic villus sampling).  

While there is no doubt the need for those procedures still exists, utilizing them specifically for paternity testing is not typically necessary. Not only are tests like amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling invasive, but they are also quite expensive. With those drawbacks, their use for testing prenatal paternity is becoming less common. With a non-invasive prenatal paternity test, there is no risk for the mother or the unborn child. 


Test as Soon As 7 Weeks Pregnant 

Questioning who the biological father of your baby is can be stressful, and we recognize that many mothers are looking for answers quickly. With our next-generation technology at DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), you can trust NIPP testing to answer your question as early as seven weeks into your pregnancy.  

With our Certainty™ Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test, we can isolate and analyze free-floating fetal DNA from the mother’s blood at just seven weeks gestation – just 3 weeks after a positive pregnancy test typically. In the past, a woman had to wait until the 13th week of pregnancy to test to ensure there was enough free-floating fetal DNA to establish the baby’s profile. Fortunately, that’s no longer true. 


Discrete NIPP Testing is Possible 

In many cases, pregnant women who are unsure about their baby’s biological father would like to conduct a paternity test without alarming anyone. With NIPP testing, it is possible to collect a potential father’s DNA from various sources and use it as the necessary testing sample. You can use many different types of samples in place of a possible father’s cheek swab for NIPP testing, including fingernails/toenails, ear swabs, cigarette butts, and more.  

It is important to note that the alternative sample options above only apply for peace-of-mind testing and would not be accepted in court. For a paternity test to be accepted in court, a specific chain of custody needs to be followed. This chain of custody ensures that DNA samples cannot be tampered with and that those who provide them are who they claim to be. If you are interested in NIPP testing for the purposes of establishing paternity in court, the potential father would need to provide a DNA sample in person via cheek swab at a testing facility. 


Establishing Paternity Enhances Pregnancy and Birth 

With NIPP testing, you can confidently ensure that the father-to-be is present for the duration of your pregnancy and birthing process. With the doubt about your child’s biological paternity behind you, you can de-stress and focus on your pregnancy. Reducing stress levels during pregnancy is important for the health of both the mother and the baby. 

Once you know who the biological father of your baby is, you can plan for post-birth realities like birth certificates, financial implications, and more. Also, rather than feeling unsure in the early days of motherhood, you’ll be able to fully dedicate your attention to your new bundle of joy. 


DDC Provides Fast Results You Can Trust  

When you choose DNA Diagnostics Center as your NIPP test provider, you can trust the results. DDC is the world leader in paternity testing, performing more paternity, relationship, and prenatal paternity tests than any other lab. We understand that customers need answers as soon as possible; expedited results are available as soon as three business days from when the samples arrive at the lab. 

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Accreditation Matters 

Headquartered in Fairfield, Ohio, our team of professionals has been setting the standard in DNA testing for over 25 years, using the most advanced technology and techniques available. With accreditations from AABB, CAP, CLIA, and more, DDC’s in-house laboratory has performed over 20 million DNA tests for clients worldwide. 

Our accredited laboratory is only a fraction of all that makes DDC a leader in the industry. Alongside our lab accreditation, our court-admissible non-invasive prenatal paternity test is the first and only one to be AABB-accredited as well. With AABB accreditation, we can proudly ensure that our test maintains the AABB’s strict standards of accountability for testing, including analysis, Ph.D. review, and documentation.  


NIPP Testing for All Financial Situations  

Unfortunately, we frequently hear stories of inaccurate results from other less-known companies – often looking to DDC to clear up the situation. Often these companies have no support team and farm out their lab work to third-parties. While some companies claim to provide paternity tests for very low prices, their accuracy is uncertain without accreditations to verify their processes. Sometimes these providers will even encourage the customer to do a second paternity test after a mother gives birth to confirm the prenatal test’s results. When done correctly, the accuracy of a prenatal paternity test at an accredited lab should be >99.9%. 

At DDC, we understand that pursuing a paternity test before your baby is born can be a big decision. Because of this, we provide many different pathways toward payment. You have the freedom to choose between multiple payment plan options, or you can elect to make an upfront payment at a discounted rate. 


Are You Looking to Confirm a Relationship?

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