We’re pleased to announce that DDC is now offering a non-invasive option for those who would like to determine paternity before the baby is born. Unlike traditional prenatal paternity testing, which uses a fetal sample obtained by an OB-GYN through amniocentesis or CVS sampling, the non-invasive test only uses the mother’s blood to detect free-floating DNA from the baby. This DNA is then compared with the DNA from an alleged father’s blood.
The test uses state-of-the art DNA technology called SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism), which can detect the relatively low levels of fetal DNA found in maternal blood. The amount of baby’s DNA present in maternal blood increases with gestational age, and DDC recommends that this test be performed when the mother is at least 12 weeks pregnant—the further along in the pregnancy, the greater the chances for an informative and conclusive result.
This new test combining risk-free blood collection and state-of-the-art SNP microarray technology is available only from DDC. For more information about prenatal paternity testing options, please call 1-800-613-5768 for a free consultation.