Child Support and Paternity Testing

Apr 29, 2015 | Paternity, Paternity Test

Child support can be a difficult subject for couples going through a separation or divorce. Some would argue it doesn’t matter whether or not the couple was ever married, when it comes to the care of child; what is most important is that both people involved in the creation of a life share in the quality care and raising of the child into adulthood. When the biological father is not known for certain, DNA testing may be necessary before a child support order can be issued.
When Is Paternity Testing Needed?
Genetic testing may be necessary if there is any doubt as to who is the biological father of a child, and when the mother wishes for court-ordered child support. A father may be able to contest child support if he is unsure about his relationship with the child. DNA paternity testing is offered for both legal reasons and for ‘peace of mind’ reasons, and it’s important to know what you will need the results for when purchasing a test. Other reasons for testing include:

  • Adding father’s name to birth certificate
  • Protecting parental rights
  • Access to family medical information
  • Ensuring the right to a father-child relationship

Who Can Perform the Test?
There are many institutions that provide DNA testing services. A court may issue strict requirements about where a mother or father may go for testing, which in the case of child support is usually the state contracted laboratory. If you are pursuing testing on your own, which is very popular, you want to choose a reliable testing center with affordable options. You can usually trust laboratories that are accredited by the AABB, and that are members of the BBB with a high rating (A+)
You Can Get Peace of Mind Today
You don’t have to wait for a court order to pursue genetic testing. You can choose options and go through a lab that provides services direct to the public. You will want to choose the services wisely if you ever plan on using DNA testing results in court for a child support order. Whether or not you are looking for help in the raising of your child, a paternity test can do a lot for your peace of mind and the peace of mind of your child’s father. Keep in mind that you may want to contact the testing service directly to learn more about the process or get a test under way.


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