Can a DNA test help me obtain paternity leave?

Apr 25, 2011 | DNA test, Paternity

Paternity leave has been on the news recently, with Texas Rangers Colby Lewis making headlines as the first MLB player to officially request leave—to the disappointment of some vocal Rangers fans.
You might not be an MLB player, but many companies have paternity leave provisions for their employees. They will usually require the father to complete legal documentation to comply with company policy and/or labor laws.
If you are worried about not being able to take paternity leave because you and your partner are not married, your company may be willing to accept a paternity test as proof of paternity.  A legal DNA test will provide scientific proof of paternity, and can be done as soon as the baby is born, or even during pregnancy through prenatal paternity testing.
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How to Get a Paternity Test

How to Get a Paternity Test

Don’t know if a child is yours? DNA is the answer. In most cases, an analysis is performed using cheek-swab DNA samples from the possible father, child, and mother (her participation is optional, but recommended). So if you're wondering how to get a paternity test,...

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Cheap Paternity Tests: 3 Things to Watch Out For

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Is an Online Paternity Test Accurate?

Is an Online Paternity Test Accurate?

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Can a Paternity Test be “Wrong?”

Can a Paternity Test be “Wrong?”

So many important decisions rest on DNA results, and participants are often understandably on edge during the process. A common question in paternity testing is, “Can a paternity test be wrong?” Once a report is issued, the results are not always what participants...

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