What You Should Know About the Grandparent DNA Test

Sometimes establishing paternity is not as easy as it sounds. If the possible father is simply not available for testing, a simple “grandparentage” DNA test can be performed by a DNA testing lab with the experience in that type of analysis. The test will show whether or not is a child is related to the grandparents—the suspected father’s parents—and thereby help to establish the identity of their father (or mother, if that is what’s needed).

Reasons to Take a Grandparent DNA Test

Many grandparents initiate this test because they are concerned that they might not be the actual biological grandparents of child/children! They are concerned, and simply want to know the truth. Being a grandparent requires emotional and financial support for many years, and if there is a question about the paternity of a grandchild, the grandparents want to know for sure. There are other reasons why a DNA test may be necessary; there may be legal issues in which their parentage needs to be established.

The test is most accurate when there are two grandparents to test—both parents of the possible father. In the absence of one grandparent, the test can still be administered. However, the results may not be as conclusive as they need to be to establish paternity and or maternity.

Reasons to know paternity include:

  • Health concerns
  • Death of potential father
  • Custody issues
  • Heritage and inheritance concerns
  • Questionable paternity of child

The Test Can Help to Protect Grandparent Rights

As a paternal grandparent, you really don’t know whether your grandkids are truly yours. Although you love and cherish each child, nothing can replace the reassurance you get from knowing for sure if those children are biologically related to you or not. Fortunately, you now have the option to request a grandparentage DNA test to learn the facts.

Even though it is within your right to request a DNA test, there may be some reasons why the child’s mother refuses to allow it. You can petition the courts for the test to be administered. The test can be administered for private or legal purposes, and is quick, easy and painless and only takes a few minutes to collect the DNA from each person.

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