The OC Register is running a series of stories entitled “Faces of Immigration,” featuring real-life stories of people whose lives have been affected by immigration. This week’s article features how a DNA test allowed a 19-year-old Vietnamese boy to finally reunite with his mother: he was 10 years old when his immigration case was first filed.

The family was not initially given the option to take a maternity DNA test to prove the biological relationship required for a family-based visa. These days, DNA testing for immigration is becoming more common, and many people are well-informed about how a DNA test can provide evidence for a biological relationship when family records are missing, or when immigration officials deem the presented records unacceptable or insufficient to prove a family relationship.

DNA Diagnostics Center is one of the few AABB-accredited laboratories that are authorized to perform DNA testing for immigration cases. We have served immigration clients for more than 15 years, from many countries around the globe.

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