DNA Test Reveals Secrets of Past Ancestral Origins

Nov 13, 2009 | Press Releases

Fairfield, Ohio (PRWEB) November 13, 2009 — DNA Diagnostics Center (“DDC”), a DNA testing services
company headquartered in Fairfield, Ohio, announces its release of DNA Origins®, a unique DNA test that
reveals an individual’s ancestral origins.

Through an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with DNA Print Genomics, DNA Diagnostics Center
(DDC) is launching a test that can identify 176 unique Ancestral Informative Markers in human DNA.
Dr. Ellen Moscovitz, President and CEO of DNA Diagnostics Center, states, “We are extremely pleased to be
able to take the results of many years of extensive research by top genetic scientists and bring a test to the general
public, genealogy buffs, and researchers that is informative, useful and affordable for anyone who wants to know
more about their heritage.”
The test is able to determine the proportional makeup contributed by a person’s ancestors
throughout many generations, and report his or her unique mix of bio-geographical markers.
“This test is very unique in that it gives a person the percentage of each group contributing to an individual’s
ancestry,” says Jim Hanigan, DDC’s Director of Marketing. “So many of us are curious about our ancestors, and
this test can give anyone a quick glimpse of who they are, based on the generations that came before them. It’s a
great test for anyone curious about their family history.”
The test is expected to have wide appeal among genealogy enthusiasts who will use the technology to
validate family history research. DDC also predicts the test will inspire those with no genealogy experience to
start—as it may reveal new information. It can also help adoptees gain a better understanding of their genetic
Genealogy continues to be touted as one of the “world’s most popular hobbies,” ignited in the last decade by the
available information on the internet, and as tools like DNA testing help people solve the mysteries in their lives.
Another factor may be the growing baby-boomer population, as well as the ease of migration around the globe.
Celebrities are also getting involved, which will bring more awareness to the hobby. One thing is for sure—more
and more people are looking back into their family history.
The test is available through the company’s website,, or by calling 1-800-514-5208.


About DDC
DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is the world’s largest provider of private DNA identity testing services. Since
1995, DDC has performed genetic tests for over 1 million clients around the world. DDC offers comprehensive
DNA testing services in several specialty areas: family relationship testing, forensics, and veterinary DNA testing.
DDC’s quality DNA testing services are nationally and internationally recognized by a number of professional
accrediting organizations such as ACLASS (for ISO/IEC-17025), the AABB, the American Society of Crime
Laboratory Directors-Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB-International), and the College of American
Pathologists (CAP).


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