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May 30, 2012 | Forensic DNA Testing, Science and Technology

DDC announced today its partnership with the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department at Harvard University, among others, to provide authentication DNA testing services for cell lines used in research. These services are part of researchers’ strategic response to the new guidelines issued to combat cell line misidentification and contamination that have led to invalidated studies in human research.
DDC has provides STR cell line verification as well as mycoplasma detection services. It can also detect mouse feeder cell contamination. General recommendations for cell line authentication calls for testing in the following situations:
• When a new line is first established or received.
• As a control measure at the start of a new study and concluding a study.
• At least once every 6 months in active culture.
• Before freezing down for storage.
• When unexpected results occur.
For more information about this service, including order and shipping forms, visit our Cell Line Authentication page. DDC provides free shipping for sample sizes of 50 or more.


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