New Cell Line Authentication Guidelines

Mar 6, 2012 | Forensic DNA Testing, Science and Technology

On January 31, the ATCC Standards Development Organization (ATCC-SDO) released the consensus standard for researchers to ensure the identity and authenticity of cell lines used in scientific studies.
This long-awaited development comes after calls from leading scientists for improved authentication practices, which highlighted the number of cross-contaminated and misidentified cell lines that subsequently invalidated a large body of scientific work in the past three decades.
DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) offers Cell Line Authentication services to address researchers’ need to verify their cell line’s identity and purity. We provide STR profiling for human cell lines, as well as detection of mycoplasma contamination. Our laboratory has provided these services to major institutions and corporations, as well as to individual research projects.
For more information about our cell line testing services, visit our Cell Line Authentication page or call 1-800-831-9830.


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