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DNA Testing History

DNA Biology

DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, is a fundamental molecule found in all living things. It serves as the basis for heredity, specifying which traits are passed on from parents to children through the generations. It also contains instructions for our body cells to perform their specific functions. Structure In humans, most of the DNA…

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Staff Publications

DDC scientists have published a number of articles in scientific journals. Some of these are products of their collaborative research under DDC, and others were produced through efforts in their individual specialty areas. Navigating DNA Testing in Immigration Cases.  Sheets K.A, Hall, M., Baird, M.L., Berger, D.H. American Immigration Lawyers Association. Download PDF Alleged Father…

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DNA Testing Technology

How DNA Testing Has Changed

1920s – Blood Typing In the early 1900s, scientists identified 4 different blood types in humans – A, AB, B, and O – based on the presence of certain proteins called antigens in the blood. This blood typing system, called the ABO system, provided doctors with crucial information about their patients, allowing them to safely…

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History of DNA Testing DDC

History of DNA Testing

DNA testing is a powerful tool for identification. With today’s technology, DNA tests can now identify individuals with almost 100% certainty. Identification has not always been this conclusive. Before DNA tests, the science community used other biological tools to identify people and determine relationships. These techniques, which included blood typing, serological testing, and HLA testing,…

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The Francis Crick Institute

The Francis Crick Institute is a collaboration of some of the most illustrious scientific and academic organisations in the UK and is solely dedicated to understanding the scientific mechanisms of living things. It includes the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust, University College London, Imperial College and King’s College London.  The work…

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This section contains articles and multimedia pieces that have been collected to provide you with a useful resource on DNA testing and its related issues. These pieces were created by independent authors who based their information on current research and scientific sources at the time of publication. DDC does not endorse these articles, nor does it claim responsibility for the information, products, or services contained therein.

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Paternity Testing With Twins
Paternity DNA testing for twins presents unique challenges that require attention to additional details.
[Posted May 22, 2008]
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DDC Mythbusters: Genetic Diets
What scientists say about DNA-based diets.
[Posted February 21, 2008]
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Identification Techniques for Preventing Infant Mix-Ups
Using DNA testing and other techniques to prevent the unthinkable.
[Posted September 27, 2007]
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Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions about Chain of Custody DNA Testing
Responses to several of the most common questions for chain of custody DNA tests.
[Posted July 25, 2007]
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DNA Testing Key to Releasing the Wrongly Imprisoned
A review of the Innocence Project and the impact of DNA testing on those wrongly convicted.
[Posted July 24, 2007]
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A History of DNA Testing
An interactive review of DNA testing history, featuring major events and famous paternity cases.
[Posted July 16, 2007]
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Top 10 DNA Paternity Testing Myths Revealed
A review of the most common myths associated with DNA testing.
[Posted March 20, 2007]

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How To: Get a DNA Paternity Test (Online Video)
A video step-by-step guide to DNA paternity testing.
[Posted April 10, 2007]

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How can a DNA test help me with my search for my ancestors?
A discussion of the use of DNA testing in ancentry and genealogical research.
[Posted March 23, 2007]

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Establishing Paternity for Children Born to Unmarried Parents
A guide to using DNA tests to establish paternity in response to state laws.
[Posted April 4, 2007]

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