Paternity is all over the media lately—with the Maury show, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent revelation, and the increasing attention that several U.S. states are paying to the role of paternity testing in child support scenarios.
You might be in a paternity situation and wondering, is there any privacy in paternity testing?
Yes, there is. DDC was founded with the belief that the average person should have an option to settle paternity matters quickly and quietly, without going on public record.
At DDC, we ensure strict confidentiality in our private clients’ cases. From the initial free consultation to the DNA test results, DDC has safeguards in place that ensure our clients’ private information is never released to unauthorized parties.
These include account passwords as well as a caller identification protocol to ensure that those who call in are authorized to discuss the DNA test with us. Our Chain of Custody process provides documentation that keeps track of samples and paperwork throughout the testing process, making sure they are not tampered with.
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