Justin Bieber Paternity Test: News Roundup

Nov 10, 2011 | Celebrity Paternity Test

Last week, reports came out that a paternity suit was being filed against teen pop star Justin Bieber. This week, Bieber’s legal camp reportedly agreed to a DNA test, with intentions of suing Mariah Yeater, who filed the suit, for what they called “malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims.”
If you are interested in following the story, below are a few news reports discussing the various aspects of the case:

  • DDC’s laboratory director, Dr. Michael Baird, was recently interviewed by Discovery News for an article discussing how a DNA test will provide the answer in Bieber’s paternity case.
  • The first report of the paternity suit against Beiber was filed November 2.
  • Justin’s reps vehemently deny the allegations.
  • Law professors comment on what constitutes credible evidence in a paternity suit that may result in a court order compelling a DNA test.
  • Bieber agrees to a paternity test to settle the matter when he comes back to the United States in two weeks. His team threatens to sue Yeater when the results come back as they anticipate.
  • MTV reports that the Maury Show is talking to Bieber about the possibility of revealing the results on the show.
  • *UPDATE* Yeater’s lawyers drop the paternity suit and remove themselves from the case, but her new lawyer intends to pursue the suit in hopes of a settlement.

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