Celebrity Paternity Testing: How DDC Handles Client Confidentiality

Nov 14, 2012 | Celebrity Paternity Test, DNA test, Paternity, Paternity Test

The question of paternity is one that has been asked throughout the ages. Most paternity situations are private, but modern media has afforded the public a view of paternity situations occurring in the lives of the rich and famous. These days, you can expect to know what’s in a famous celebrity’s purse, where they went on vacation, and their current paternity issues. This slideshow showcases famous paternity cases in recent years, including those involving Steve Jobs and Anna Nicole Smith.
DDC has worked on many more celebrity paternity cases, but you probably won’t hear about them, unless the stars themselves have made them public. This is because all our cases are treated with utmost levels of privacy and confidentiality–in fact, we have a specially dedicated team that manages our high profile clients’ special handling needs.
From the initial phone consultation, to sample collection and testing in the laboratory, DDC has procedures in place to protect the privacy and identity of ALL our clients, famous or not. These include the use of security questions to verify callers’ identity, confidential appointment scheduling, and industry-leading protocols for cataloging, tracking, and storing samples in our secure laboratory.
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