Circumstances that require a DNA test are often sensitive. At DDC, we understand this and tailor our testing services to be discreet and protect the client’s privacy. Since 1995, DDC has provided over 600,000 confidential DNA tests to private clients in its 13 years of operation. This confidentiality, combined with DDC’s stringent testing process and highly experienced DNA experts, has placed DDC at the forefront of the DNA testing industry.
We maintain confidentiality in all clients’ cases, but we also understand that a high-profile individual’s case may demand even more tightly controlled privacy procedures.
Privacy and Confidentiality
Since 1995, DDC has worked with hundreds of high profile clients, agents, and attorneys who have been greatly satisfied by the discreet and confidential handling of their cases. We adhere to strict protocols on case records as well as internal and external communications, ensuring that client confidentiality is maintained with every case.
DDC has an elite team of highly experienced DNA testing specialists that handles high-profile client cases, ensuring absolute privacy throughout the testing process. From the client’s first call into our Confidential VIP Case Line, our VIP Services Team interacts directly with our VIP clients or their representatives, ensuring that the DNA testing will be kept private and away from the public’s eye.
Paternity and Family Relationship Testing
Because VIP clients are often in the public eye, there may be many instances in which a person stakes a claim that your client is the father of their child, or an adult child comes forward to state that your client is indeed their father. To protect your client from false claims, and/or to resolve family relationship questions, a DNA test can provide definitive answers to difficult questions of paternity and other family relationships.
DNA Banking Services
A small bit of planning now can protect your client’s interests in the future. If your client wishes to maintain control over their assets or estate, DNA Banking services can protect your client’s DNA for a period of 15 years. This eliminates the need for clients to submit a DNA sample if DNA testing is needed in the future. Moreover, DNA Banking ensures that, if an unfortunate event occurs, the stored DNA sample will protect any assets or estates after he or she has passed.
For the DNA Banking process, a buccal (cheek cell) or other biological sample is taken by a neutral third party. As is the case with all of our DNA testing services, our VIP Services Team can arrange for sample collection at a time and place that is discreet and convenient for the client.
After the samples are collected, they are then shipped overnight to DDC and maintained in our electronically secure facility for a period of 15 years. Should the need arise for a future DNA paternity or other biological relationship test, the stored DNA can be retrieved to perform the needed testing service, with the next-of-kin’s authorization. The DNA Banking service provides peace of mind for your client and their family.
Contact Our High Profile Team
For more information on these and other VIP Client Services, please contact our VIP Confidential Case Line at 1-800-281-2912, or send us a secure email to [email protected].