DDC serves all types of clients, from the private individual seeking to quietly solve a family question, to agencies and attorneys who are seeking testing for the clients we represent. For this article, we’re highlighting our DNA testing services for Legal Professionals.
DDC’s Legal Services team has worked with legal professionals for almost two decades, providing them with the detailed information and paperwork needed to move a case involving a DNA test. The legal situations we have served are varied and complex, but most can be classified into the following categories:

  • Family Law – cases usually involve paternity testing to address questions in the resolution of child custody, child support, and divorce proceedings.
  • Estate Planning and Execution – cases involve DNA banking and profiling as part of an integrated estate management plan, as well as postmortem DNA testing when disputes arise during execution of an estate.
  • Immigration – cases most often involve family relationship DNA testing to answer questions about the relationship between a petitioner and immigration sponsor.
  • Adoption and Assisted Reproduction – cases can range from paternity testing needed to release parental rights, DNA testing to satisfy international adoption requirements, DNA testing in surrogacy/assisted reproduction cases, and reunification.

If you are a legal professional or caseworker and would like to receive more information, please contact us at 1-800-330-7648,  or email [email protected].