DNA is a very serious subject but here are some fun facts for your entertainment.

  1. 8% of human DNA is now made up of ancient viruses that used to infect us and make us ill.
  2. We all know that we share 95% of our DNA with some types of primate but did you know we also share 50% of our DNA with bananas?
  3. DNA is found in every human cell and if you unravelled each strand it is nearly 2 meters long. It is amazing then that it fits in to 0.09 micrometer of space!
  4. If we unravelled the entire DNA in a human, it would stretch 10 billion miles. That would be the same as a return trip to Pluto!
  5. The DNA in every human cell gets damaged over 100 times a day! However, our bodies have very clever systems in place to act as repair mechanisms.
  6. It would take you 50 years to type the entire human genome if you typed at a speed of 60 wpm and works 8 hours a day, every day!
  7. 99.9% of the DNA in all humans is identical. It is the tiny difference that allows us to be individuals.
  8. Apparently, DNA has a half-life of 521 years. This in simple terms means that the oldest organism that could be cloned could not be more than 2 million years old!  So we could never clone a dinosaur!
  9. If you ever receive a bone marrow transplant you can have 2 totally different DNA profiles!
  10. DNA can replicate itself and duplicate itself which is the reason humans can exist!


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