Sample Collection Provider Program

DDC actively seeks quality sample collection facilities to partner with us in bringing our services to clients worldwide. Whenever a client calls us for a DNA test, we do our best to provide them with a quality collector that can provide the most convenient sample collection appointments, closest to their home or office. Sample collection, in most cases, entails using a simple buccal swab. Collectors qualified to perform venipuncture may on occasion be asked to collect a blood specimen.

If you are interested in being a Sample Collection Provider, please refer to the links at the left for more information. Those who have sent in their applications may access the DDC Sample Collection Manual and Competency Quiz using the username and password that we provide. We are currently considering applications to the Sample Collection Provider Program from all states, but we have special need in the following areas:


California Connecticut
Maine Nevada (Las Vegas area)
New Jersey New York (Long Island area)
North Dakota Rhode Island
Pennsylvania South Dakota
Tennessee (mobile collectors) West Virginia (mobile collectors)