Collection Providers FAQs

1. How should buccal swabs be collected?

To collect buccal swabs, first perform the Client Identification/Chain of Custody procedures specified in the Collection Manual. The following is a brief guide to collecting the buccal swabs; the manual contains more detailed instructions.

  • Remove one envelope of buccal swabs from the collection kit.
  • Label the buccal swab envelope with the patient’s full name, date of birth, and date of collection. Sign your initials on the space provided. Note: Always label one swab envelope and collect the sample from one patient at a time. To avoid any sample switching, please do not pre-label the envelopes.
  • Put on clean gloves.
  • Cut open the plastic wrapper at the end opposite from the cotton swab tips.
  • Remove one swab from the package, taking care not to touch the end with the cotton tip to any surface.
  • Ask the patient to open his/her mouth wide.
  • Insert the swab into the patient’s mouth and rub it firmly back and forth and up and down against the inside of the cheek for 10 strokes.
  • Remove the swab from the patient’s mouth and place it directly into the paper buccal swab envelope labeled for that person. CAUTION: DO NOT place the swabs back into the plastic wrapper. Moisture created within the plastic sleeve encourages the growth of mold, which destroys the DNA sample.
  • Repeat the collection process with the remaining swabs, using two swabs on the right cheek and two swabs on the left cheek.
  • Place swabs into the labeled paper envelope.
  • Seal the paper envelope within view of the patient.
  • Ask the client to verify that the name and date of birth are correct and sign across the envelope flap.
  • Sign the Client Identification and Consent form. (Please make sure that the Client ID and Consent Form is filled out accurately and completely in order to maintain proper chain of custody. If the patient is a minor, they must be accompanied by a legal guardian/custodian who will sign the form on their behalf.)
  • Repeat all steps above for each patient.
  • Take a photo of the test participants as they hold up the DDC Identification Sheet provided in the kit or faxed from DDC. (Both the client and the collector are to sign and date the photograph.)
  • Ship the items by placing the completed sealed collection envelopes, forms, copies of ID, and photograph or instant camera into the provided plastic zip lock bag as described in the Packaging and Shipping section of the Collection Manual. Packaging should be witnessed by the patients.

2. Why should the mother be tested in a paternity test?

The mother should be tested in a paternity test for several reasons:She is guaranteed to receive a copy of the results (if she is not tested, she may not have access to the results if another person takes the child to the appointment.)Many courts require the both parents to be tested.Her participation helps to account for half of the child’s DNA

3. What should I do if the camera broke or we ran out of film?

In such cases, you could do any of the following:
Use your own facility’s instant camera (if available) and send us the pictures.
Purchase a disposable camera or new film and send us the receipt along with the samples.
If all parties are tested at the same time, have them complete a Mutual ID form. You will need prior approval from DDC staff; please call 1-800-833-2649

4. What should I tell patients who keep calling our drawsite for testing information?

Please have them call DDC at 1-888-362-2870.

5. What should I tell patients if they ask when their test results will be available?

Please have them call DDC at 1-888-362-2870. Do not give any estimates on turnaround time.

6. What should I do if the patients call to reschedule?

Please have them call our scheduling department at 1-888-362-2870. To avoid any discrepancies in their account,we will arrange for rescheduling.

7. How should we send samples back to your lab?

All samples must be sent using the Packaging and Shipping instructions found in the Collection Manual.

  • Place the buccal swab samples, client identification forms, photographs, and other items inside the zip lock bag provided.
  • Sign and date the tamper tape provided.
  • Seal the bag with tamper tape across the bag’s closure. The tested parties should witness the packaging of the samples.
  • Place the sealed bag into the DDC box (if provided).
  • Place the sealed bag or box into the shipping bag provided.
  • Complete the airbill, writing the case number or patient’s name in the Billing Reference box.

8. How do I get paid?

Depending on your agreement with DDC, payment procedures will follow either of the following:
You will send a monthly invoice to DDC with the period of service, patients’ names, and case number.
We will send you the check within 10 business days.
We will send you a check with the sample collection kit for the scheduled appointment.

9. How do I sign up for the drawsite newsletter?

To sign up for the drawsite newsletter, please send an email to [email protected]

10. What should I do if the patients appear to be unwilling to be collected?

Participation in a paternity test is voluntary in most cases. However, samples will not be tested until samples from ALL patients are received. If the patient appears angry or the situation seems volatile, either ask the parties to reschedule, or perform the collection with a witness present. If the patient becomes threatening or violent, call the local authorities immediately.

11. Can I collect samples for other laboratories if I become a Sample Collection Provider?

You may do collections for multiple labs. Please be aware of which lab you are doing each collection for, ensuring that you are using the appropriate collection kit and materials. For example, should your facility use another laboratory’s kit and paperwork for a DDC collection, or if your facility inadvertently sends the kit back to the wrong lab, you will have to recollect our patient’s DNA sample.