Survey Says: Dog People May Treat Pets Better than Family

May 17, 2017 | Pets & Vets

Survey Says: Dog People May Treat Pets Better than Family

An interesting survey from (a nationwide network of dog-walkers and pet-sitters) features findings that are both expected and perhaps also unexpected. As a premiere dog DNA test provider, we talk with loving dog owners each and every day, and can bear witness to their dedication and devotion to their pets. So we expect survey results to confirm our anecdotal experiences at Vet DNA Center. What is unexpected, perhaps, is the extent to which dog people show their love—in fact, they can treat their pets better than their human family members! Here are some of the highlights from the survey.

Dog People May Put Pets over Family

56% of dog people are more likely to greet their furry friends first when they come home, rather than seeking out the bipeds. Now, in fairness, chances are good that your ecstatic pooch is the first one to be at the door when you get home, right? Still, this statistic shows how much value we put on treating our dogs like one of the family.

78% of dog people include their dog in family moments. Wouldn’t dream of leaving your dog out of your family holiday photo? Can’t bear the thought of leaving him home while you go on vacation? You’re not alone. The majority of dog owners include their pets in most important family moments (although you might be tempted to leave a surly teenager behind while on vacation).

47% of those with a significant other say it would be harder to be without their dog for a week than to be without their partner. Nearly half of the thousands of people surveyed were willing to admit that, given a choice, they can’t do without that one-of-a-kind unconditional love and companionship only dogs can provide.

65% of respondents take more photos of their dogs than of other family members. If you’re on social media at all, you know this is true! Most of our newsfeeds are filled with dog pictures and videos posted by owners bursting with pride.

54% of dog people may choose to end a romantic relationship if their dog doesn’t like their partner. This makes perfect sense to us…dogs are excellent judges of character, don’t you think? This statistic confirms that we trust our pets’ instincts sometimes better than our own!

Dog People Spend Serious Money on their Pets

The American Pet Products Association says that pet spending has risen steadily every year over the last 25 years, even showing an increase during the Great Recession. In fact, it is estimated that spending reached $63 billion last year.

This increased spending includes Millennials (who—as a group— famously don’t have much disposable income) splurging on premium pet food as well as specialty purchases.

In short, we’re more likely to deny ourselves or our family members something special before we’ll turn down our dogs. When they look at us with such love, trust, and devotion in their eyes, who can be surprised at that, right?

Dog People’s Devotion and Dog DNA Tests

Dog people set aside money for pet-related health care expenses, just as they would for the own human family’s. Pet owners may not think twice about getting a dog DNA test to check for potential dog health problems such as Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) or Multidrug Resistance (MDR1).

Aside from health concerns, dog people may splurge for a dog DNA test to find out how to tell what breed your dog is.


The Tip of the Tail

The survey found that a full 94% of the thousands of respondents they canvassed consider their dogs to be family. So is it any real surprise that we invest in them both on emotional and financial levels? Nope—not at all.

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