Horse DNA Profiling

This genetic test for horses is fast, affordable, and accurate.

Can I Get a Permanent and Fail-Proof ID for my Horse?

Whether you need a secure and permanent form of ID for your horse in case he is lost/stolen or if you just want to keep DNA-profile records of your breeding stock, the DNA-testing professionals at DDC are ready to help through horse DNA-profiling services. You can trust us for fast results, 5-star quality, and friendly customer service.

Test Highlights:
Name: Horse DNA Profiling
DNA Samples: Hair Collected at Home
Cost: $38 per Sample Tested
Results: Within 10 Business Days after Receipt of Samples

Details about DDC Horse DNA Profiling Testing

Equine Profiling (Genotyping) is used to establish a secure, permanent ID for your horse in case it is lost or stolen. It can also be used for proof-of-parentage purposes. Using the same technology as parentage testing among equine families, the unique set of allele sizes for the horse are tested and recorded.

DNA profiles also serve as a tool for breeders who need to keep genetic records of their breeding stock (dams and sires) in case a parentage verification of their offspring is ever needed. Many registries keep records of DNA profiles to verify pedigrees.

You collect the DNA samples using hair from the main of an adult horse or hair from the tail of a foal—it’s easy! Click for DIY instructions.

The profile report includes the industry-standard STR-marker panel plus additional markers for an optimized panel of 23 DNA markers. Profiles are reported in the standard letter code. Each DNA marker has two (2) allele sizes: one is inherited from the dam and one from the sire. These DNA markers do not provide information about inherited traits or diseases.

DNA results are emailed within 10 business days, once samples are received at the laboratory.

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NOTE: This test does not determine the breed make-up or lineage of a horse. It provides a profile only for the horse tested.

DIY Kit: Equine DNA Testing Collection Instructions

DNA samples for horse DNA profiling are collected and mailed to our laboratory by the customer. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully.

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