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Dog Testing

How can I ensure I collect enough DNA?
Rub the swab inside the dog’s cheek gently but firmly, and be sure to make good contact with the inside of the cheek. The object is to collect loose skin cells and not saliva.
For parentage testing, why should I send the mother’s samples if I already know she is the mom?

Having the mother’s DNA makes testing much more powerful. A sire may be falsely included if the mother’s sample is not used to eliminate her half of the DNA contribution.

Can parentage testing be done without the mother’s sample?

Yes. When the mother is not available, extended testing can be done to determine proper parentage. Keep in mind this does increase each dog’s testing fee as well as turn-around time for results.

What kind of sample is required?

Our testing protocols are optimized for the buccal (cheek) swabs. Please contact us for details on other sample types (blood or semen) such as additional fees and turnaround times. We require prior notice when submitting these types of samples.

Are DNA-test results using cheek swabs as accurate as blood samples?

Yes. DNA is contained in both cheek and blood cells. With today’s advancements in technology, buccal (cheek) swabs are the preferred method and is performed by collecting DNA from skin cells inside the cheek. Cheek swabs are painless and non-invasive. There is no need to obtain blood to get an adequate sample of DNA.

At what age can testing be done?

Cheek samples can be obtained from dogs of any age, even newborn or nursing puppies. If pups are nursing, separate them from the mother for about 30-45 minutes (long enough that they do not have milk in their mouth when you go to swab them).

Can I send dewclaws or docked tails?

No. Cheek swabs are the preferred method and can even be collected on newborn pups. Cheek swabs are not a “hazardous material” and do not require any special shipping, handling, or permits.

What if swabs look dirty after collecting the samples?

The dog probably had food or debris in its mouth when you swabbed it. Let the dog drink some water and wait about 20 minutes. Then try re-swabbing the dog with new swabs.

If my dog has already been DNA-profiled through DDC or the AKC, do I need to send another sample?

We can use our database to retrieve the DNA-profile information for dogs we have tested. You can provide us with the DNA ID number for that previously- tested dog and we will include it in a new parentage evaluation. There is a $10 fee to include each previously-tested profile in a new parentage-evaluation case.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to include a dog that belongs to someone else, we need written permission from that party via email stating you may do so. Not obtaining this permission before submitting samples will result in delayed testing.

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